A little Behind the Scenes

This is something a little different. The channel is kind of mysterious and because of that I want to give people who are interested a little peak behind the curtain. A little bit about me and why I am doing this. If you are here you’re probably one of the few people that are a little more invested in the channel than most. I’m not posting these on YouTube because I don’t want to overlap with the channel or start a second channel and take away from the experience of Cecond Percon. Let me know if these work for you or not, just tweet me or something, @CecondPercon .

The site will probably be a place for me to post text versions of the narratives in my films. It will also serve as a place to retreat to if YouTube ever betrays me in some way. Not that I have to worry too much about that. Welcome to the small exclusive club. Welcome to the experiment.