Behind the Scenes: Run and Gun

Actually enjoying making these little behind the scenes things. I was thinking of maybe making a members area so that you would have to sign up to see them. That way I could keep it a little exclusive (sign up would be free but it takes some effort). Probably won’t do that until later, not like anyone is really checking this stuff out.  Video is still not on YouTube, I think I will keep sharing them using my own system until people complain about slow load times and even then, just let it buffer or download it. Keeping them off YouTube keeps them apart from the project proper. I do have another channel I could use but YouTube and the recommended and stuff, basically it would pollute the main body of the project.

I think the behind the scenes stuff takes me out of the project, working on a different more informal style of content helps keep me fresh. A little flex of a different side of the brain. They might be a little boring but it’s almost therapeutic for me. Let me know your thoughts if you have any.

Apologies for the quality as well, have to keep that scaled down to help with buffering and save people data. I’ll try to keep these updating, I think the next one will showcase my janky voice over recording method. I’ll also take you along for some more interactive shooting, just to showcase what I do and how crazy I look most of the time. This project has been a wild one.