Finding Lost Wings

This is my latest piece and it was something new in terms of style for me. I normally don’t make multi part shorts but this one is a full on short film. The creative process was different for it as well. I wrote the short story then planned the shots around that, like I was making a film adaptation.

While I enjoyed the experience it was a little more difficult than anticipated, combine that with some of the life stuff I have going on now and you get one of my more stressful projects.

I am not 100% happy with how it turned out, there is definitely some more massaging needed in some areas but I think it turned out pretty good for an experiment. There are also limits I face being a solo shooter, some shots I just can’t get because I have to man the camera and act in the scene.

I have a few ideas for some more of these types of multi part pieces. Not that this one took off or anything, the view count has been in line with my normal (less than 10 per video) but it was fun to mix it up a little. The story was also a nice shift from the more poetic compositions I have been doing lately.  It is just difficult to write short stories with a focus on keeping only one character on screen at a time because I can’t always been in two places at once.

By the time this post goes up part five will be live with part six and seven dropping on Saturday and Sunday. If you can’t wait or if you want to view the whole thing as one piece I have it available for download (and in the film downloads tab above). Sorry that the download is a “Checkout” process, I promise I’m not collecting any info, feel free to put in fake info. The reason it’s a checkout process is mainly to prevent any spam downloading and keep things a little organized. Also being 100% honest I couldn’t think of another way to distribute it as a straight download because I have it stored in a bucket (if you want the technical answer).

Hope you enjoy it. I enjoyed making this one despite all the added stress. This collection holds a special place in my heart and I hope to create more in this style.