Evolution of Loss

It never comes back, it is never coming back. Loss, the one thing. The one thing that we can not avoid. Nothing is permanent. Everything is loss. Anyone who tries to avoid this is in for an unavoidable let down.

Much of my work centers around loss. Maybe because I am one of those people that tries to avoid it. Maybe because I have been hurt by loss so many times and I know that I am going to be hurt by it again.

I find that loss tends to evolve over time too. Manifest in new and more painful ways. Something much loved is never gone. Loss is not really a loss because we always carry things. The pain changing and evolving as we grow. Missing what (or who) is no longer there.

I want to explore that more. I kind of touch on it in “Everyone I have Ever Loved” but maybe expand more into that. Stop exploring the myth of the old ones returning. The myth of the coming collapse.

Collapse is coming though, and that is another form of loss. A form that we will all feel, one that will hurt us all but one that is impossible to stop at this point. We were so scared of monsters that we forgot to look inward. Forgot to realize that the old ones are not beasts in another dimension, but rather they are us.

We consume ourselves. Consume our environment and then bemoan the loss. Maybe we should just accept the loss and move on. There is no stopping it now. The pain will consume us mentally just as the raging fires and rising oceans consume us physically.

We are approaching the final evolution of loss. The one that we initiate. The final loss. The loss of our whole planet.

Back to the work though. Emotional loss is something that proves to be rich ground for art, and ground I have explored but that needs further excavation. We will see. There are a few other scripts and bits of footage I need to work with before I get there. I hope I can stay on track this time. Keep working on growing this project and experiment.

Evolve the loss.