Doing Things Backwards

My most recent video, short film, visual poem (whatever you want to call it) I decided to mix up my workflow. I don’t think the results are much different but it was interesting to do things “backwards”.

Normally for non short films (shorts would be much more difficult to do backwards) I operate in this order:

1.) write script and shot list

2.) film the shot list

3.) Record voice over (this comes after filming as sometimes shooting changes up the script).

4.) Create the music

5.) Edit

Now for my most recent film I decided to mix it up, letting the shots I had gathered over the past few months tell the story.

1.) Film, random, interesting things or subject matter that might work for something

2.) edit the footage into something I like

3.) Make the music that fits the footage

4.) Write the script

5.) record VO

6.) (extra step as I essentially have to edit twice) add the VO in the right spots.

So this way took a little more work but I think some things ended up fitting better. I am not going to work like this going forward because I enjoy building a script around shots I want to get vs. Just randomly filming.

I will probably try it again though.