An old one but New updates: The Murder of Daniel Shaver

Daniel Shaver was having a nice night with some buddies in a hotel getting drunk and messing around. He showed off the air rifle he used in his job as an exterminator. Someone in the hotel saw the rifle in the window and called the cops. The following is what unfolded.


Officer Shitstain (Phil Mitchell Brailsford) shot an unarmed man for not following commands correctly. He was found not guilty and is now living off a pension of $2500 a month for the PTSD he incurred in committing this murder.

Yes. You read this right. The cop murdered a man in cold blood and because of that tax payers are now paying him $2500 a month. No criminal charges, no justice, nothing. This murderer is walking free, another example of the state not caring about the people. They can’t charge him because then they would have to admit that their power trip is illegitimate.

Here is a recent update from the wife of the victim


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