Cop Kicks Cuffed Man in the Head

Once again we see the glee with which cops attack us. How quick they are to escalate to violence and horrific acts like this is telling.


Please don’t feed me that “not all cops” line. The few good cops there are out there either become complacent, become bad cops or end up resigning. There are countless cases of actual good human beings that are forced out of police work by their colleagues because they tried to do the right thing. Good cops don’t stay good for long and if they do they are forced out.

Next time you even feel a hint of sympathy for cops remember that they like to take pics of gnarly accidents and bodies to share amongst their cop buddies. They actually have challenges for who can have the most disgusting body. So while your relative is lying dead on the roadside, chances are the cops on scene are taking pictures of their body and having a laugh. Looking forward to sharing it with their buds over a drink at the bar.

Cops hardly count as human, have no sympathy for these monsters. No good person willingly looks to be the violent arm of state oppression. Remember that the Nazi’s had an easy time rounding up Jews thanks to cooperation from occupied police forces. These people are not on your side and will turn on you in an instant and do it with glee. They are looking for any excuse to exhort power over people. That is what bullies do.

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