Cops shoot into van with family inside


Was the driver acting strange and making weird decisions? Yes. But that does not justify shooting at a fleeing vehicle that has done nothing violent other than resist.

We need to stop blindly accepting the authority that is imposed upon us. Fighting back is the only way.

Traffic stops should not lead to death and gun shots.

Here is a proposal. If someone starts running from a ticket, you as the cop have their plate number, the ticket gets mailed to the house. Put on their record, like any other debt. It should be no more than that. Who cares why they are running? Most times it is because of drugs which shouldn’t be illegal any way.

Cops role in society should be limited to protecting those unable to protect themselves and that is it. Traffic stops, drug busts, wellness checks, even petty crimes should all be handled by unarmed responders. If things escalate and get dangerous the unarmed responder leaves and calls in the armed responders who are highly trained in de escalation and non lethal force to subdue the person / protect the public.

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