Example of what people need to start doing. Resist Tyranny.

While for legal reasons I would never call for violence against cops this video does make me happy. The only sad part is the follow up story where the hero and his accomplice are arrested and serving life sentences.

I think the lesson to be learned here is that if you do decide to stand up for your freedom do so in a way you can avoid getting caught. These guys should have dumped the cop bodies in the cop car, driven the car to an abandoned area and lit it on fire. Then gone to ground.

Our hero is initially pulled over for some bullshit reason and when they run his ID they find he has warrants out for arrest so they start pushing him around and bullying him when he dares to resist.

Instead of going quietly the man calls his buddy to come help him then when the cops start to gain the upper hand in the fight he draws a concealed firearm and shoots them both dead.


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