UK Cop Conducts Random Search of Male Due to Race

While not ending in a beating or murder this is an example of where things are going. The UK offers us insight to what a police state looks like. A place where you no longer have freedom of speech, assembly or in this case movement and protection from random search.

Using a generic “you match a description” excuse the officer proceeds to violate this man’s rights. The man remains calm while verbally protesting to this vile infringement on his freedom. This is what starts to happen when the state is granted absolute power they abuse it to no end.

The only way to prevent this kind of tyrannical descent is to remain armed and ready to utilize those arms in the defense of freedom. Freedom is not a concept tied to a nation, it is the natural state of the human and should be protected by all means.


The only solution to the unending expansion of state power is a well armed and trained populace. They cannot oppress those who are willing and able to fight back.

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