Cecond Percon lives at the intersection of a bunch of crossing roads. Part art project, part artist persona, part therapy, part creative hell, part political voice, part horror, part reality, part film, part poetry.

This is a living experiment in online artistry. Focusing on film, voice and spoken word reading. At times it may delve into the political, or activist, or dissenter, or depressed. It is an outlet. That is what it is at the core, an outlet.

It feels cheap to just throw this all away as a garbage pile of experimentation. I (the artist) have put a lot of work into this and would like to think it stands on its own as art. Not as a learning board for better things, I think this is better things.

Or at least something different. That is what I wanted this to be. Something that had not been done before. A way to blend poetry into film. A way to write with the captured image. A way to create something that was unique in a world of sameness.

It is what it has become. A horrific monster, but my horrific monster. I love it and I hate it.