Too Close to Touch, Too Clear to See

A new visual poem for the collection. Enjoy.


Back and reborn with new purpose and energy Violence of action and freedom of spirit, ready to fight for what has to be done. Alive. It came too close, too close to touch and I saw it so clearly, so clearly I couldn’t see it. Finally Alive and finally well. A new plan, a new purpose, a new life. A life that I am ready to live.

Got close to the edge but I made it and I am alive, awake, aware. It hurt so much and for so long but I made it out. I was mistaken at who the enemy was, now I know and now I know what to do to combat it. To save them and keep saving myself. It was so close it was inside me, so clear it was invisible. I managed to cut it out and liberate myself and I know how to liberate others.

A visual poem about rebirth, restarting and relearning how to live. A visual poem about freedom and hope and survival. More to come, I will keep experimenting but at my own pace. A pace that does not kill me but leaves me room to breathe. To clear my head and keep is clean. There is no end, and that is amazing.

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