(Dis)continuation into recovery into collapse

Now that you are here it is time to claw back what they took. They promised you a kingdom and left you with ashes. They promised to bring her back but she is still gone. They promised so much and gave you nothing. After all you did. After the killing, the summoning, the sacrifice and the destruction. It was not enough for them. They need to learn what happens when they cross you.


Every time you step through the door you end up somewhere different

They are playing with you

Promised you so much, you did all they asked. You did the unthinkable. Killed everything you loved. And they left you behind.

Brought them into this world

And now they play with you. Remind you that you are still theirs.

The promised reward pulled away.

You have no more fight left. You have been fighting for so long. Tired. So very tired

Try to collapse but they won’t let you.

They won’t even let you die

They are not finished