What Is The Day’s End Project?

This is something that I ask myself a lot. I think some things need to be explained. More for me than for you but if you are interested in what this whole thing is feel free to keep reading.

Cecond Percon started out as a totally crazy idea. I was standing on the subway going to work one day and trying to think of something I could create that was unique. I had been batting this idea around in my head for years but was never able to land anywhere.

I only knew two things. I wanted to make something that was public and I wanted it to be something never done before. I had tried my hand at writing, a gaming channel, twitch, a few small businesses, a blog and a few other projects but nothing had stuck. I loved writing fiction but it was not really that great and I could not get it published. Thus it was never really public. Even posting it on blogs and websites felt like nothing as there was no traffic. No one was searching for my books because no one knew who I was.

Then with YouTube I had started doing a few channels and styles of content that have been done to death on the platform. They were not creatively fulfilling, but I had enjoyed the video editing part of the content creation.

It hit me as I stood on the subway. A new way to combine writing and video while also making it all public and trying to actively not attract an audience. It sounds strange but I wanted the content to perform on its own without me marketing it and shoving it in front of people. I wanted it public but also wanted the discovery of it to be organic.

I wanted my audience to be confused and curious. I wanted to create a mystery. That was where Cecond Percon was born.

There is a lot more to it as well. That name embodies a persona. Me as an artist, me as a creator, raw ego with no ID(in the Freud sense) intervention. It served as an outlet for the creativity I needed to share. It filled an important part in my life and obviously still does.

Cecond Percon saved my life. Had I not started this project I would not be where I am now. It was messy and came with ups and downs for sure. I lost the thread a few times, got side tracked, confused and lost in the mess of my own mind. It managed to prevail though and now I think I finally know what the project is all about.

At its core this is a project about experimenting with new ways of approaching poetry and film. New ways of story telling and doing things in a way that seems counter intuitive to success. But that is the main thing, it was never about success. I lost that a few times but getting subscribers and views was never the reason for this. It was to create something unique, new and beautiful.

Over time a more concrete story formed within the content and that is what the “Day’s End” series is about.

A piece from the project, I need to go through all my old content and add it to the playlist

The Days End series is about our main character bringing about the end of the world in order to tear a rift in reality and let the void dwellers in. These void dwellers are manifested as the Priest and the messenger. They are the ones who tasked him with this. A man who had no meaning in life, they chose him to start creating the events that would lead to collapse.

They also protect him when needed and are invisible to everyone except our main character.

The Day’s End series is held together with a bunch of shorts, some longer pieces and some visual poems. This forms the core of the channel and my content. Everything revolves around this idea, this story.

The next big thing is the stand alone short films, unrelated to the Day’s End series or really anything else on the channel (hence stand alone). Then there are the visual poems, these form the majority of my uploads. They can sometimes be related to a Day’s End piece or another short but most of the time they are standalone.

This was not the case at the start. At the start the first ninety videos all had a theme, and that theme and idea is close to the one explored in the Days End series. Beings on the other side of reality trying to break though. This is where I was finding my voice and it culminates in the combination of all ninety videos into one piece called “You Me We” .

This is a meandering, poetic narrative piece that I actually will watch every now and then. I am quite proud of it as my first experimental work. It is deconstruction and rebuilding of myself.  It will always hold a special place in my collection.


The best way to picture the project’s is a large central core with the “You Me We” series as a moon orbiting it. The core is the Days End series and then there are a bunch of smaller satellites orbiting around and these are the shorts, one offs and visual poems.

I hope that makes some kind of sense and clears things up a bit. I know the project is a bit of a mess right now, but that is because I am a bit of a mess. Or at least I was. Things are back in place and I am working to organize it all and line it all up for any future viewers sanity’s sake.

Thanks for sticking around